Humanising clinical healthcare through artificial intelligence.

Youdiagnose is the first cancer diagnosis and treatment application that will provide affordable, industry-leading patient care to communities all over the world.

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World-class cancer treatment at your fingertips

We combine cutting-edge technology with experience collected from thousands of medical researchers around the world to ensure you will receive up-to-date medical care.

Within minutes you will be able to have an objective and comprehensive assessment of the cancer diagnosis and treatment process.


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What is YouDiagnose?

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Our vision.

“To improve cancer care throughout the world by use of data science and cutting edge modern technologies. In turn, we will reduce the disparity in cancer care due to geographic location, access to healthcare, socioeconomic status and genetic/biological factors.”


ProvidING next-generation CLINICAL healthcare

By blending industry leading, cutting edge artificial intelligence technology with empathetic, compassionate human intelligence, YouDiagnose is the worlds first cancer artificially intelligent self-care solution.


improving clinical workflow and reducING patient waiting time

The clinical experience should never be a troubled journey, rather it should be fast, friction-less and informative. This is possible by providing a user-friendly engaging interface to the patient and developing patient-centred healthcare solutions in real-time, eliminating the need to wait for appointments, results and diagnosis that may not work to their life’s schedule.


MINIMISING medical error and improvING quality of life

With over 250,000 deaths per year in the US alone due to medical error, we’re creating a platform that allows rigid cross-checking, where man and machine will be able to work together to validate all clinical decisions.


improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the diagnosis journey

Most of the tasks within the hospital and GP environment involves repetitive work, the memory and drudgery, which increase the vulnerability to make mistakes and reduces the overall clinical workflow and efficiency. By deploying clinical artificial intelligence, the machine will unburden the clinical staff from repetitive tasks to focus on more effective treatment.


GIVING GLOBAL communities aCCESS TO affordable healthcare

The levels of clinical care, knowledge and peer support vary rapidly depending on which country you are in. YouDiagnose will standardise this care and give under-supported communities easy access to the right healthcare.


reducing unnecessary workload on healthcare professionals

It is predicted by 2035 the chronic healthcare staff shortages are set to exceed 12.9 million. This pressure is felt by both patients and practitioners, with 1 in 3 likely to leave their profession within the next 5 years. Through advanced clinical technology services such as Youdiagnose, it is our aim to reduce the added stress of overworked schedules, giving healthcare workers more time to do what they love.


Disparity in Cancer Care


 How it works.

This application is designed to provide the patient with an interface which he or she can use in a very user-friendly manner. Before the user starts the application, the system will advise him or her to have the set of investigations, consultation records and medications etc ready.

This will work in following 2 ways

Firstly, the application will create a patient profile by asking some of the basic questions such as age, gender, location, ethnicity, past medical history, previous surgeries, allergies, genetic history, social history etc.  

Once the profile has been generated, the user will engage with the system through a user-friendly questionnaire system. In the next step, the user will be able to upload the medical reports onto the system.  

Questionnaire engagement and the report uploading sequence can be reversed as for the patient’s convenience. Alternatively, the details of the report can be entered manually into the system to analyse it.



Global Challanges




7 Causes Of Poor Cancer Care

  • Delayed diagnosis or mis-diagnosis of cancer

  • Chronic shortage of healthcare professionals

  • Medical malpractice

  • Medical Errors

  • Poor Patient compliance

  • Lack of evidence-based practice

  • Medical over-investigation & over-treatment

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Global Disparity In CancerCare

Early diagnosis of cancer leads to better survival and better quality of life. Research has shown that 10-year survival for the common 8 types of cancer combined is 81% when it is diagnosed early compared to 26% when it is diagnosed late. In other words, the survival is more than 3 times higher when the cancer is diagnosed early.

There is a huge disparity in cancer care due to the geographic location,             socioeconomic status, access to healthcare and genetic/biological factors. These disparities lead to low chances of cancer diagnosis, late diagnosis, misdiagnosis, inadequate treatment, incorrect treatment and medical errors resulting in premature   death and poor quality of life.


Cancer - The second leading cause of death globally

Cancer is emerging as one of the foremost cause of death worldwide

causing 9.8 million deaths only in 2018.

That means 1 out of 6 person dies out of cancer.

The lifetime risk of cancer is about 46 per cent in the UK.

That means one and two people will have cancer at some point in their life.

These figures do send a message out and loud that we cannot take cancer care lightly. There is a dire need to standardise cancer care and use futuristic technologies to overcome the current challenges.

  • Out of this huge burden of cancer, one third is because of preventable causes, and 70% are in developing countries.

  • One of the biggest ironies is while a large proportion of people in developing countries have access to a smartphone, but a tiny percentage have access to quality cancer services.

Therefore, at YouDiagnose, we are using the existing technology to break the barriers in cancer services.

Medical Error and Cancer Care

 Did you know that an average of 250,000 annual deaths occurs in the USA alone as       a result of medical errors? As a matter of fact, a majority of respondents who took         part in a survey conducted last year and thought the nuclear and aviation industries       were more hazardous were shocked to find out this statistic.

Similarly, research has shown that medical error in cancer care such as cancer            misdiagnosis can be as high as 28%.  Work pressure, a gap in knowledge and human error in judgment are identified to be the main causes of medical errors plaguing cancer care.

       YouDiagnose application is the world’s first artificial clinical intelligence solution for   cancer care which is able to detect, educate patients and provide a detailed review of    cancer diagnosis and the treatment process. This innovation will serve as a tool to double-check healthcare practices, validate decisions taken and provide alternatives to patients. It improves patient’s compliance & quality of living. Ultimately, all these reduce the incidence of medical errors and makes patient care safer.


Lack of Clinical Intelligence

Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink;

         Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.

 - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  Lack of Clinical Intelligence in healthcare Information available on public domain has been one of the main concerns.

Just like the despairing situation mentioned in the above two lines, we have got abundance of health information upon google search, which is enough to sink all of us but the lack of relevance, specificity, and actionability precludes using these information in our individual cases. That is not the only issue though; research studies have shown that as much as half of the information from Google Search pages are either incomplete or inaccurate.

With more and more patients turning to Dr Google for self-diagnosis and treatment, YouDiagnose, we don’t need just information but an intelligence into our health condition through self-care solution that provides a personalized health experience for patients through top quality, well-researched and evidence-based information that is not available to the general public. A term referred to as “Clinical Intelligence”  



Our team.

Dr Akshay Mishra.png

Dr Akshay Mishra

International Social and Community Medicine Consultant, who keep special expertise in global healthcare issues.

Mr Rajesh Kumar.png

Mr Rajesh Kumar

Strategic and Leadership consultant, and faculty of University of Coventry.

Prof Bijen Patel.png

Prof Bijen Patel

Academic Surgeon, practising at Bart’s Health, Royal London and University College of London Hospital and Queen Mary University

Vijay Viswanath.png

Mr Vijay Viswanath

Data scientist with special interest in clinical machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Mr Asutosh Das.png

Dr Ashutosh Das

An expert in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Mr Vikash Sharma.png

Mr Vikash Sharma

A data scientist with special interest in machine learning and software development.

Prof Naim Kadoglou.png

Prof Naim Kadoglou

Senior Consultant Breast and General Surgeon with special interest in clinical artificial intelligence and digital health.

Mr Fortune Kleous.png


The President of KLEOUS, a holding company, and the founder of SID UNIVERSITY, an online training institute that delivers skills, ideas, and the disciplines for entrepreneurial success

Dr Aswini Misro.png

Dr Aswini Misro

Founder and Lead of the project with special expertise in clinical artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Dr Arti Garg.png

Dr Arti Garg

Consultant Surgeon at St Bart’s and Newham University Hospital, Advisor for cancer – Colorectal.

Prof Peter Haddawy.png

Prof Peter Haddawy

Professor of Data Science and Machine Learning at Mahidol University.

Sandeep Gambhir.png

Dr Sandeep Gambhir

a healthcare management consultant with specialise expertise in leadership, compentency assessment and organisational architecture.

Prof Shafi Ahmed.png

Prof Shafi Ahmed

Multi award winning surgeon, teacher, futurist, innovator and entrepreneur.

Prof V K Raju.png

Prof V K Raju

Chief Clinical Adviser, Regional Eye Associates Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmology; West Virginia University.

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